Titanic Journey for a message in a tiny bottle.

This is a true story about the journey that a certain "Message in a bottle" took.  

The journey started over the site of the RMS Titanic, on the evening of August 16 1998.  The journey ended almost exactly two years later in Annapolis Maryland, in the USA.

I'm Phil Malone, and I was half of a two-man team that was assigned to the 1998 Titanic expedition.  My work-mate (Steve Saint-Amour) and I were readying a small Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) in the event that it was needed to dive on the Titanic wreck.  There were several more capable ROV's on site, and we were essentially a "backup" vehicle.

Because of our "Backup" status, and the general shortage of accommodation on the four expedition ships, Steve and I were generally banished to the Petrel V when we weren't actively toiling on our Remora ROV.  One evening, several weeks into the expedition, there was a lot of activity on the more interesting expedition ships (Ocean Voyager, Nadire and Abeilles) so all the NBC and Discovery Channel personnel were taking the prime billets.

Steve and I had been abandoned on the Petrel V, a soon to be overhauled, rusty, pirate boat (well, that's what it looked like) and so we were making the best of it with the French Canadian crew.  Someone had broken out some cheap wine, and while we watched the activities from afar, we also became somewhat "jolly".  At one point in the evening we had accumulated several empty wine bottles, so I decided on a good way to ensure they didn't end up down with the Titanic.  We started writing messages.

As it turns out, one of these messages washed up on the shore of a tiny island (Great Blasket Island) off the coast of Ireland.  It was discovered on New Years day of 1999.  The only identification that had been included on the letters was an email address.  Since the finder of the message (Sue Redicon) had neither email nor electricity, it took a while before word finally reached me that the message had been found. 

Almost two years to the day that the message had been thrown overboard, it appeared in my mailbox back in Annapolis (Aug 20, 2000).  Sue had sent it, and a nice cover letter, hoping that I'd be able to send her back a copy.

Word of this happy ending was picked up the the local Annapolis Newspaper (The Annapolis Capital) and hit the front page of the print and online versions of the paper (read full story).

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Thanks for your interest.

Phil Malone, Annapolis Maryland.

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